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  Credibility is the base of enterprise development, quality is the survival of the enterprise, the company has been adhering to honest, trustworthy    
  Character to create products of the entrepreneurial spirit. Based in China, with a pontoon across the entire world!
  A. Yao Lee entrepreneurial spirit
    Serious, rigorous, pragmatic and innovative!
  B. Yao Li values
    Honest, trustworthy, quality first, harmony!
  C. Yao Lee's team
    Endeavour bitter, hard work, the pursuit of excellence!
  D. Yao Lee's philosophy
    "Honesty, pragmatism, responsibility, efficiency, character to create products" business philosophy
  E. Quality of Yao Lee
    Quality first-class service, environmental protection, economic, practical and beautiful. Pollution in harmony with nature!
  F. Yao Lee's quality objectives
    To build China's first brand of water facilities


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