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1, the terminal structure

By experienced engineers through rigorous port design is completed structural calculations to meet specific computing deflection standards; they can adapt to a variety of spans, and replace the existing fixed concrete or wooden pier; the main structural frame excellent corrosion resistance, After soldering, the entire surface shot blasting hot dip galvanizing process, it has a 20-year lifetime warranty. 

2, buoyancy

Is made of high-density polystyrene foam core of plastic pontoon is provided with anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation, seawater corrosion resistance, impact resistance characteristics, warranty period for at least 20 years. Pontoon buoyancy also provides concrete pontoons, concrete pontoon because of its high frost resistance, is widely used in ice water use, or concrete mix with plastic pontoons provided to enable it to provide greater buoyancy and stability, It all depends on your water features. 

3, decking

Select weather panel pavement, such as hard natural wood preservative, wood, polyethylene plastic floor coverings on the boardwalk, depending on the material life of more than 20 years. 

4, the connection

All 316 stainless steel bolts and screws, has a high reliability; anti-corrosion properties. 

5, the terminal specification

Pier can be based on user needs Modular construction process, structure a variety of specifications for a variety of yacht harbor waters; of course, if suitable for use within the Basin standardized products will accelerate the process of manufacture and installation of pontoons achieved. 

6, Accessories

Mooring fittings can have maximum flexibility, and contact between them is safe and reliable structure. In addition, both sides of the main walkway pier offers a variety of pipeline installation slot, such as water, electricity, telephone, broadband and other lines within easy reach of each yacht berth; supporting open for inspection at any time by professionals aluminum cover, easy maintenance pontoon; pontoon Collision is preset by the system: "P" type rubber or "D" type or "L" type gear with WPC (fenders) prevents direct collision pontoon boats. 

7, pontoon freeboard

According to international standards, a variety of vessel sizes pontoon freeboard setting range: for water sports docking of small boats, such as dragon boat regattas, 20-30 foot boats, one has to 350mm low freeboard pontoon products; with general marina, such as 30 feet -60 feet boat, one has to 500mm freeboard pontoon products; berths for superyachts, such as 80 feet -165 feet, one has to 600-750mm freeboard pontoon products. We can also stop requirements vary according to boat design freeboard, we have professional design engineers for your pontoon boat designed freeboard height. 

8, the terminal load

Pontoon marina load calculation in line with US standards, provided from 50KG / M2-300KG / M2 pontoon product design loads. As we all know, in order to achieve better stability dock, we have chosen to join the floating tank uniform concrete pontoon lower center of gravity so that it would greatly increase the pontoon load capacity, while the pontoon stability has been significantly improved, or the floating body the steel skeleton assembly can also get pontoon better stability, so the overall stability of the float assembly skeleton structure of aluminum pontoon lower than assembling the steel skeleton of the float pontoon. 

9, terminals fixed

 According to the relevant provisions of the harbor project, wharf fixation can choose a variety of forms, such as: steel piles, PHC Concrete Pipe, chain, quay trusses, quay pipe support systems, wire rope, slide along the shore, the tension spring, the specific depending on the actual situation of rigorous calculation and design.

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